Scenario Approval Workflow

An effective way to get the best organization results from your scenarios is to assign portions of the scenario to the managers who work directly with the work area in question. After you have disseminated the work involved in redesigning your organization out and down throughout your organization, the completion of the scenario comes back up from the bottom. The managers you assign to each work area will do their part to meet the targets and objectives set for the organization, then indicate their work is done. The user who assigns the work areas reviews and approves the changes made in the work area. When all work area assignments are completed, the scenario creator can mark the scenario completed.

To Review and Approve a Scenario:

  1. Each user responsible for a work area finishes their part of the scenario modeling, then clicks Set as Finalized on the Scenario landing page.
  2. The user who assigned the work area reviews the changes made in the work area and clicks Set as Approved. (If this user does not approve the changes, they click Re-Open, which notifies the manager to review and change their work. You can indicate in a discussion why the revisions are not approved, if needed.)
  3. When all of the work areas have been reviewed and approved, the scenario creator clicks Set As Completed.

From here, you can commit your changes back to your ERP in certain environments, if appropriate.

Note: Be sure to sync your scenario with your source data frequently, including when you start reviewing and approving scenarios, to ensure your final data is current.

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