Using Org Chart Analytics

The application includes two org chart view options: Standard and Analytics. The Analytics view are available to authorized users who need access to statistics such as salaries, headcount, demographics, and other data for the entire organization.

To access the Analytics view:

  1. Click the Chart Action menu.
  2. Select Chart Views >> OrgUnit (if applicable)or Position or Employee>> Analytics - Employee or Analytics - Position. Select the Employee analytics if you want to view analytics driven by the employees, such as Span of Control, Headcount, or Salary data. Select the Position analytics to see the position specific analytics such as Position Count and Occupied Positions.

From here, you can change the analytics that appear on your org chart. You can display three different analytics on your org chart nodes at any time. To select the analytics, select a data element from the three colored drop-down menus at the top of the org chart. The data element you select will display in the correspondingly colored boxes on the org chart nodes.

You can also filter the items that appear on the org chart by using the Filter Panel on the left side of the screen.

Changing the filtered options changes the analytics that appear on the chart. You can filter on most of the data elements available in your database, including (but not limited to) standard demographics in your data (such as age, location, position or job), talent data (such as potential, performance, or scarce skills), organizational data (such as salary data), and elements that employees add in their own Social section (such as languages spoken, specific skills, or education). The Filter options available in the menu will be determined by the analytics option you opened in step 2 above.

Note: To print analytics when using Internet Explorer 11, you will need to set IE 11 up to print background colors, or the color-coding on the analytics will be lost. To do this, follow these steps from within IE:

  1. Click IE's Tools button , then select Print, Page Setup from the menus.
  2. Under Paper Options, check the Print Background Colors and Images check box, then click OK.

Warning: When using Microsoft Edge, the Analytics color coding (the 3 bars at the top of the screen, and the colored boxes on the nodes) will not appear in printed charts.

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