Printing Your Chart

Nakisa HR Suite offers you the ability to configure your org chart then print it directly from within the application.

To print your chart:

  1. Open and expand your org chart as appropriate.
  2. Click Print Org Chart . The Print dialog opens.
  3. Read the minimum recommended page size in the yellow box below the print selections.
  4. Select a Page Type that accommodates the minimum recommended page size.
  5. Select the Orientation you want to print the chart.
  6. Click Generate.
  7. This opens the print dialog for your computer.

  8. Select the printer you want to use and set any parameters, such as number of copies and pages.
  9. Important: Ensure you select a paper size that matches the paper size you selected in step 4.

  10. Verify the structure is complete and viewable, then click Print.

Note: For printing to work successfully, you will need to turn off the pop-up blocker for the URL you use to access Nakisa HR Suite.

Warning: When using Microsoft Edge, the Analytics color coding (the 3 bars at the top of the screen, and the colored boxes on the nodes) will not appear in printed charts.

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