What's New

This section outlines the new features included in Nakisa HR Suite 2022.R2.


  • As part of the next generation product release preparation and product roll out, Hanelly has been re-branded Nakisa HR Suite and Hanelly Insight has been renamed Nakisa Advanced Analytics.

    All future products and platform information will be made available as the future products are released.

Analysis and Visualization Features

  • Hours per week will now be displayed in the Employee Details Panel. You can also filter Employee searches by the hours per week by selecting Hours per Week from the Employee Filter Panel.
  • Succession Plan data in search results has been improved to make the information easier to consume. The Successor for column has been specifically updated for the employee and positions searches:
    • The employee search displays the positions the employees has been assigned as a successor with their ranking, and readiness for the position.
    • The position search displays the employees assigned to as successors along with their ranking and readiness for the position.

Scenario Improvements

  • A new hours per week field has been added to the Edit Employee menu in Scenarios. The field appears in the Other section. All changes made to an employees hours per week will appear in all the scenario reports.

Technological Advances

  • Nakisa HR Suite now allows users to set the access to Succession planning, pools and management per User Role. Users can decide what type of access each User Role will have and need to contact Nakisa Support to assign the access.
  • You can now desied if you want to set Restricted Roles as dynamic roots. By default Restricted Roles are set as dynamic roots, but Nakisa HR Suite now allows you to disable this setting if you desire. If you want to disable the dynamic root setting, you will need to contact Nakisa Support.

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