Onboarding Training

In this section, you'll find the base training material to get started with Nakisa Real Estate. You'll have access to videos and job aids, per role.

Learn how to use Nakisa Real Estate's basic capabilities and new features as an end-user.


  1. Overview and Navigation:
    1. Short Overview
    2. Overview
    3. Interface and Landing Page
    4. Dashboards and Reports
  2. NRE Object Creation and Modification
    1. View and Create a Location
    2. Create a Premise
    3. Create a Lease
  3. More Lease Functionalities:
    1. Enter a Percentage Rent
    2. Enter a Clause or Critical Clause
    3. Enter a Lease CAM Reconciliation

Learn how to configure Nakisa Real Estate as an administrator.


  1. Base Technical Training:
    1. Configure the Admin Panel
    2. Create a Batch