Exporting Build Configuration Changes

Technical Administrators can download a package that contains the build configuration and language files that have changed in the current running build (i.e., the effective build). A fully customized build can therefore be recreated by uploading these delta changes to an out of the box build.

The application generates a ZIP named customizations [date] [time].zip, which contains:

  • Build configuration files that have been modified, including user modifications via the Nakisa AdminConsole and uploaded customization packages.
  • Language files that have been modified.

Note: The Master data configuration (i.e., database entities and relations) can also be exported into a "Data" folder. Rather than migrating the master data configuration via this option in the Build Management module, Nakisa recommends exporting the application and/or system configuration to Excel, and importing it in the new build.

To download the customizations that have been made to the build:

  1. Click Application Menu > Build Management.
  2. Nakisa recommends exporting Master data configuration via Excel files instead of exporting them in the Build Management module. Do not select the checkbox Export Configuration Data.
  3. Click Export Changes.
  4. Save the ZIP file.

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