About Master Data Configuration

The Master Data Configuration tab displays a configuration tree for both application configuration, and ERP system configuration. Functional Administrators must review and modify:

  • Application Configs: Internal configuration tables (CT tables) required by the application. For example, drop-down values that do not come from the ERP, and authorization profiles for data scoping.
  • System Configs: External lookup tables (LT tables) and configuration tables (CT tables). The system must be set up with companies, and can then be synced with the SAP ERP to retrieve data or configured manually for standalone systems.

For information about how to set up the configuration when the application is first deployed, see Setting up Configuration for Systems Fully Connected to SAP.

To record data changes made to Master Data Configuration, the audit log must be enabled. To view manual actions related to SAP syncs and Excel uploads, such as the uploaded file name or when a SAP sync was performed, refer to the Service Log.

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