Re-indexing Data

Nakisa Lease Administrationdata is stored in a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).

Although the data is stored in a database, the application also uses Elasticsearch to have fast search analytics. Data travels between the application, database, and Elasticsearch during different phases of the application life cycle. The data in the database is kept complete and integral, whereas the data in Elasticsearch is for search purposes. The data in the database may not be available in Elasticsearch right away.

For recommended periodic data re-indexing activities, see Periodic Tasks.

Data Indexing

Data indexing is the process of moving data from the database to Elasticsearch, so that users can perform fast searches.

There are two types of data indexing:

  • Delta indexing: The application detects the data change by users, and only indexes the changed data.
  • Re-indexing: The application is instructed to rebuild the full Elasticsearch index from scratch.

Data indexing can occur at different stages of the application life cycle.

The time required to index one lease contract varies drastically based on the following factors:

  • Data: Length of contract.
  • Environment:
    • Memory and CPU allocated to system.
    • Number of current concurrent users.
    • Network delay between Nakisa Lease Administration and the database.
    • Network delay between Nakisa Lease Administration and Elasticsearch.

Note: If all of the environmental factors are good, the length of the lease contract is the only factor that affects the data indexing speed.

Contract Size Lease Length Time to Index 1000 Contracts (approximation)


1 to 5 years

5 to 10 minutes


5 to 30 years

10 to 20 minutes


30 to 99 years

20 to 60 minutes

To re-index the data:

  1. Click Application Menu > Data Management.
  2. Click Recreate Index. Note that with a manual data re-indexing, application users will not be able to use the old index while the indexing is being perfomed.

    Warning: While performing a manual data re-indexation, users will not be able to use the application.

Note: The button Index Schedule Line Item is reserved for future use.

Application Installation

There are many activities performed when the application is installed, one of which is importing the data. After data is imported (by any available means) in to Nakisa Lease Administration, data re-indexing is required. Installation should not be considered complete unless data re-indexing is performed.

Note: We expect a large number of contracts to be imported during application installation. Please consider data re-indexing times while installing the application.

Data Creation, Modification, Deletion During Normal Usage

When users create, modify, and delete data during the normal operation of the application, the application detects these changes and only perform the indexing of the changed data (i.e., delta indexing is performed).

Delta indexing is a background asynchronous operation. The application controls and throttles the delta indexing jobs running at a time, therefore any changes made to data may not appear right away in searches. Depending on the system load and the contract length, it may take 0.2 to 60 seconds for a change to appear.

Large Data Imports

Large data imports should be planned for off-peak hours. Nakisa highly recommends performing data re-indexing after a large data import. If you are importing more than 150 objects in to Nakisa Lease Administration, then it is considered to be a large data import.

Note: If data is imported via multiple smaller files during a small period of time, it is still considered ot be a large data import. Re-indexing may still be required.

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