Using the Elasticsearch Dashboard

The Elasticsearch dashboard allows you to view all metrics and the overall health of your Elasticsearch server in one location. It also gives you insight into the number of indices Nakisa Lease AdministrationRevenue Recognition by Nakisa has created, and the data used per index. If you think you may need to change or reallocate your hardware resources, the data in the Elasticsearch dashboard can help inform that decision.

You can also re-index data for all or individual objects (e.g. Cost Centers or Lease Areas). Note that clicking "Recreate All" on the Index Management tab is equivalent to clicking "Recreate Index" on the Data Management page. Nakisa recommends performing data re-indexing during off peak hours, as users will not be able to use the application during the data re-indexation. For more information on re-indexing data, refer to Re-indexing Data.

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