Major Release Version: 2022.R2-SP2

Contract Inception and Operation

  • Performance improvements have been made when the contract Partners page is loaded. (Reference: ELM 63)
  • Performance improvements have been made when the activation group Accounting page is loaded. (Reference: ELM 91)
  • Corrections have been made to the cost center and profit center that is saved in the application database and sent to SAP when documents are posted in connected systems:
    • The application uses the cost center and profit center from the unit level.
    • If the GL account is a Profit and Loss account, both the profit center and cost center are saved.
    • If the GL account is a Balance Sheet account, neither the cost center or profit center are saved by default.

    Note: This modifies a change done in a previous release (Reference: ESA 39). If you would like to continue saving the profit center for Balance Sheet GL accounts, you can configure the checkbox "Profit Center (B/S Account)" in the GL Account table in Master Data Configuration.

    (Reference: ESA 39)

Mass Operations

  • When an IBR or Indexation entry is created through the Bulk Action tool in the AdminConsole, the tool now properly uses the value entered in the ID field when generating the unique ID for the entry. (Reference: ELM 46)
  • When the CT_LeaseDepartment table in Master Data Configuration is exported to Excel, the exported file now contains data for all records (instead of only displaying one record per company). (Reference: ESG 58) 
  • When a large file is uploaded via the Mass Lease Modification tool, the page is no longer blank and a message is displayed indicating that the file is being processed. Additionally, some minor performance improvements have been made to the tool. (Reference: ESO 75)  
  • If the display ID of one master agreement is the same as the object ID of another and a contract is created via the Mass Import Tool, the contract is now created under the correct master agreement with the matching display ID (instead of being created under the master agreement with the same object ID). (Reference: ESO 97)

Dashboards and Reports

  • When the Activity Analysis by Amount report in Additional Reports is generated with a report Start Date that is before the ROU Start Date of a contract with carry over balances, the following columns in the report are no longer empty:
    • Beginning ROU Asset Balance (Gross)
    • Ending ROU Asset Balance (Gross)
    • Beginning ROU Accumulated Depreciation

    (Reference: ISO 14)

  • When a contract has three or more lease events with the same Effective Date and the Lease Liability, Maturity Analysis, or Maturity Analysis by Cal Year Disclosure Report is generated, the reports are now properly based on the latest revision history. (Reference: ELR 49)
  • When the Asset Roll Forward Disclosure report is generated with a contract that has carry over balances and an ROU Start Date that falls within the report start and end dates, amounts for opening balances are now properly displayed in the report. (Reference: RSR 90)

SAP Posting Bot

  • When parallel currency is disabled and the contract currency and company currency are different, the SAP Posting Bot no longer sends an exchange rate to SAP (instead of sending an exchange rate of "1.0"). (Reference: MM 8)

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