Cancelling Activation Groups

If there are multiple activation groups in a lease component, Lease Administrators and Accountants can cancel one of the non-active activation groups.

For example, this option can be used when a certain number of units have not been received, and they are no longer wanted or the selected terms (e.g., duration of the base rent term) must be modified. The activation group for the remaining units can be cancelled, and if all other activation groups are already active, the Contract Phase changes from "Operating-Partial" to "Operating". If new terms must be applied to these units, then a lease modification must be performed to add a new lease component with the new terms.

Once you cancel the activation group, the Activation Group Status changes to "Closed".

Note: If no activation groups are active yet, there is no need to cancel groups. The contract can be simply called back and the lease component Quantity can be updated. Note that all of the activation groups in the same lease component cannot all be cancelled. In this case, the contract should be called back.

To cancel an activation group:

  1. Split the activation group to separate the units that need to be cancelled.
  2. Open the activation group that needs to be cancelled.
  3. Click Context Menu > Cancel Activation Group.
  4. Enter the End Date, which will be entered into the unit's End Date field.
  5. Click Submit. The Unit Status and Activation Group Status both change to "Cancelled".

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