Splitting Activation Groups

Lease Administrators and Accountants can split activation groups at any time, if required. Splitting an activation group will create a second identical group with the selected subset of units inside. You may want to split an activation group for reasons such as:

  • At inception, you know that you will not receive all of your units at once, and you would like to start operating with a portion of them. Split the activation group to activate one of them, and have the other one still waiting for units to be received.
  • The activation group is active, and you would like to select an extension term for only a subset of the units. Split the activation group, and then reassess just the one that needs the extension term.
  • A casualty has occurred for one of the units in the activation group. Split the activation group to enter a casualty (which will apply to all units in the selected group).

The only times an activation group cannot be split are:

  • If it is a bulk asset.
  • If there is only 1 unit.
  • There is an open draft for the active activation group.

To split an activation group:

  1. Open the activation group, and click Context Menu > Split Activation Group.
  2. Select the units that will be split into a new activation group.
  3. Click Submit. The application loads the Activation Groups search results page. The newly split activation group is listed at the top, and the Split From column indicates which activation group it was split from.

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