Using the Interface

This section identifies the key areas of the interface.

  1. The landing pages contain the list of master agreements, contracts, lease components, activation groups, or units to which the user has access.
  2. The Main Menu allows users to quickly create and upload master agreements, open the different landing pages, view dashboards, view reports, open the online help, and log out of the application.
  3. The Quick Search bar allows you to search for any object.
  4. The Notification Center indicates if you have a message or a pending alert.
  5. Options allow you to share, save to favorites, export to Excel, and view the dashboards.
  6. The Action Center displays several tiles that allow you to see actionable statuses.
  7. The Search Other(s) area provides another way to open the landing pages for all of the objects.
  8. The Filters allow you to narrow down the results displayed on the landing pages.

Note: All of the available fields have a purpose. For security reasons, personal data should only be entered in fields intended for that purpose.

To open the landing pages:

  1. Click Main Menu > Landing Pages.
  2. Select either Master Agreement, Contract, Lease Component, Activation Group, or Unit.
  3. The selected landing page opens, with the list of objects to which you have access.

To filter landing pages:

  1. Use the filters in the left-panel to narrow down the results on the landing pages.
  2. Use the search field to search the filters.

    Note: To clear the filter and view the full list, delete the search term.

  3. Click to customize the filters that are displayed in the left-panel.
  4. To export the list of objects displayed, click at the top of the page.
    1. Click Generate.
    2. When the export is complete, an alert will appear in the Notification Center . Click the alert to open the exported file.
  5. To save your filter settings as a favorite, click .
    • To access the saved landing page, click the Main Menu and select Favorites . Open the menu under Searches and select the required filtered landing page.
  6. To open the Management Report dashboards with your selected filter settings, click .
  7. To share a filtered landing page with other users, click . Note that other users may not see the same search results if they do not have the same viewing rights.

To load an object:

  1. Find the object in the list on the landing pages, or search for the object by entering a search term in the Quick Search.
  2. Click on the object row to load it.

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