Global Asset Tracker Map

The Global Asset Tracker allows users to view the geographical distribution of the assets belonging to contracts to which they have access. The map displays assets based on the location that users have assigned to units in the contracts.

Use the map controls and filter panel to drill down and better view the information. For example, you can filter based on Unit Status to only view active units.

In the following cases, units do not appear on the map (but do appear in the filter panel):

  • The units do not have any location assigned to them.
  • The units have a location assigned, but do not have the country and region set.

Note that if the units were replaced, only the new unit is displayed in both the map and the in the filter panel.

Use the Global Asset Tracker Report to find any units with missing location information.

To view the map:

  1. Click Main Menu > Global Asset Tracker > Global Asset Tracker.
  2. Use the filters in the left-panel to narrow down the data displayed in the map.
  3. By default, the red circles on the map display the quantity of assets per location.

    • Hover over the red circles on the map to see the quantity of assets in that location, as well as the percentage of overall assets (currently displayed on the map) that they represent.
    • To change the analytic displayed in the red circles (Quantity or Quantity Percentage), click above the map and select the desired value.
    • Click on the red circle to open a search results page for these assets.
  4. To open the dashboard for Unit Location click .
  5. To see all of the units that match the current view, click to perform a quick search. A new tab opens with all of the objects that match the current view of the graphs.

To save your map configuration as a Favorite

  1. Configure your map and filters to your specifications.
  2. Click Add to Favorites .
  3. Enter a name for your Dashboard layout and click Save.
  4. To access this layout again, click the Main menu and select Favorites . Open the menu under Global Asset Tracker and select the layout you saved.

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