Asset Location Assignment

When the Global Asset Tracker feature is enabled in the Nakisa AdminConsole, Lease Administrators and Accountants can assign locations to units on the Location page of the activation group at any time after activation. Note that locations can be assigned even once the activation group is in Lease End or Closed state.

In a system connected to SAP, if the SAP administrator has maintained the asset location in SAP, users can simply sync the information and the location will be automatically assigned to the units (where the location information has not been populated). Note that location information can be regularly synced via scheduled jobs, or can be synced for only the assets in the current activation group via an option on the Location page.

Users can assign a different location than the one that is synced, and can assign an existing location to a unit if no location information was maintained in SAP, but in both cases, the information will not be written back to SAP.

In standalone and hybrid systems, users can assign existing locations to units. If the required location does not currently exist, contact the system administrator to add the address in the Location table in the Nakisa AdminConsole.

There are also options available to update multiple units at once in the activation group:

  • Using the Modify All option to assign a location to all units (which will override any location that has already been set).
  • Using the Excel Export and Import options to assign specific locations to the individual units.

Once location information has been assigned, the units will appear on the Global Asset Tracker map. Users can generate the Global Asset Tracker Report to verify if any location information is missing.

To assign locations to units:

  1. Open the activation group.
  2. In the left-panel, click Location. The list of units is displayed.
  3. In a fully connected system, click Sync (SAP) to populate the locations assigned to the SAP assets in the associated unit. Verify that all units were updated with location information. Note that an SAP sync will not override any location that has already been assigned manually or via Excel.

    Note: If locations have not been assigned in SAP or if you would like to use a different location that is already available in the application, continue with the following steps.

  4. To manually assign locations, click to edit each unit individually.
    1. Select the required address from the Location drop-down field. Once selected, the address is replaced with the Location ID and the other fields are automatically updated with address information.
    2. Click Submit.
  5. To modify all units at once, click Modify All:
    1. Select the required address in the Location field. All other fields will automatically update with the relevant information.
    2. Click Submit.

    Note: This option will override any locations that have already been assigned to the units in the activation group.

  6. To assign different locations to the units via Excel:
    1. Click Export (Excel). When the export is ready, a notification appears in the Notification Center. Click on the notification to download the Excel file.
    2. Make the required changes to the Location ID field in the Excel file. Note that you do not need to update the other fields. The application will automatically update them to the new values based on the Location ID. If you delete the Location ID field, the application will remove the location assignment from the unit.
    3. Click Import (Excel), and then click Browse to select your file and import it.

Note: If the required location is not available in the Location drop-down field, contact either your system administrator (for standalone and hybrid systems) to update the configuration in the Nakisa AdminConsole, or contact your SAP administrator to assign the new location to your asset in SAP.

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