What's New in 2022.R2-SP2

In addition to general editorial changes and corrections, this release of the documentation contains the following main changes included in the release of 2022.R2-SP2:

  • For leases classified as ASC 842 operating, you can now perform a casualty after an impairment event has been performed on the activation group.
  • A new filter "Exclude Frozen Company Codes" has been added to the Compliance and Additional Reports to allow you to exclude frozen companies from the generated reports.
  • The VP of Leasing and Lease Administrator roles now have access to certain batches in Batch Management. Refer to the Permission Matrix for more detailed information.
  • A progress bar has been added to Mass Lease Modifications that displays the count of items in different statuses (e.g., Running, Failed, Done) when a job is run.

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