Using the Chart Options

This section identifies the available options for individual chart on the dashboard. Hover over the chart and click .

Note that depending on the chart type, some options may not be available.

Chart Option



Delete Chart

Click this option to delete a chart on a custom dashboard.

Copy Chart

On custom dashboards, click this option to copy the chart, which is then immediately displayed on the dashboard. These charts can be edited in the same way as custom charts can be.

Edit Chart

Click here to edit any attribute that was set when the chart was first created.


Display the chart-specific filters. You can filter the data in a single chart instead of filtering the entire dashboard with the filter panel. Note that if any filters are applied in the filter panel, they appear under "Applied Filters".


Click this option to select the color theme for charts on custom dashboards.

Export Excel

Export the table view to a CSV file.

Toggle Table

Convert the chart to table view, or vice versa.

Toggle Legend

Click this option to show or hide the chart legend.

Select Filters

Filter records on the entire page based on the selected area in a bar chart.

Click and drag your cursor to highlight an area over the desired bars in a bar chart. The dashboard and filter panel are updated with filters matching those bars.

Note: The filter panel only updates if there are filter fields (and values/ranges) that match the chart axis.

In addition to the filtering options available in the Chart Options, you can click on portions of bar charts, pie charts, and sunburst charts to set filters for the page.

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