AzureAD Data Extraction

Once you have loaded the mapping configuration and reviewed the resource mappings, click Start Extraction to begin extracting the data from AzureAD and importing the data into Nakisa HR Suite.

There are two types of extraction:

  • Full Extraction: Extracts all records from each mapped resource and imports the data into Nakisa HR Suite. This mode should be used for the initial data load.

    Note: Employee Portrait template can only be extracted in full extraction mode (and cannot use delta extraction mode).

  • Delta Extraction: Applies a filter to the targeted AzureADs resources and only extracts records that have been changed since the previous data extraction. Delta extractions take less time and should be used after the initial load is complete.

While extraction is running, you can click Show Progress to view the extraction progress.

Main data extractions can be scheduled in delta extraction mode using the Service Call Scheduler.

Note: Employee portrait extractions can only be scheduled in full extraction mode and cannot be scheduled in delta extraction mode.

Stop Data Extraction

You can also stop an ongoing data extraction if required, however the data will become unstable. If you force a stop during an in-progress extraction, re-run a new extraction to correct the data.

To stop an ongoing extraction:

  1. Click Show Progress.
  2. Click Force Stop.

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