Org Unit Views

Nakisa HR Suite offers an array of views for your organization's org charts. Use this section to enable or disable those views for your users and determine which of the views will open by default.

To Enable Specific Org Unit Views:

Tick the checkbox for the desired view to On and click Save.

To Select the Default Org Unit View:

Select the view you want to appear by default fro the drop-down menu and click Save.

Note: For detailed information about what each view contains, see the Nakisa HR Suite 2022.R2-SP1 User Guide.

Create a New Org Unit View:

Click Manage Org Unit View Designer then click Create New Use the custom View Designer to create the new position view.

To Edit Org Unit Views:

Click Manage Org Unit View Designer to show the custom Org Unit views you can edit. Select the custom Org Unit view you want to edit. Make your edits and click Save Changes.

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