Editing Objects

You can change any existing Org Unit, Position, or Employee by selecting editing them from the object's Node menu. You can also edit multiple objects at one time

To edit an object:

  1. Open the scenario or team design.
  2. Click the Node menu or the item you want to change. (Note that the Node menu color is determined by the object type.)
  3. Select Edit for the type of object you want to edit..
  4. Make the necessary changes in the dialog and click Submit. You will see an asterisk (*) in the upper right corner of the node you edited, and you will receive a notification when the edit completes successfully.

Note: When editing the content of an object, do not delete content in a field that was already populated without replacing the content. Leaving previously populated fields null may cause issues with writeback and intermittently cause the fields to be repopulated with their original values.

To edit multiple records at the same time:

Classic Nakisa HR Suite also makes it easy to normalize your data to help integrate it into your scenarios. You can search the data in your scenario, select appropriate objects, and modify and relocate them in bulk as necessary.

  1. Load the scenario that contains the objects you want to modify.
  2. Enter * and click Search in the Application menu. This opens a list of every org unit, position, or employee in the node (depending on the search option selected in the Filter Panel).
  3. Enter search criteria in the text field in the Filter Panel to narrow the objects returned.
  4. Select the objects that you want to edit and select Edit from the Mass Actions drop-down.
  5. Edit the fields you need to change in the Edit Employee,Edit Position, or Edit Org Unit dialogs as appropriate, then click Submit. You will receive a notification when your edits

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