Adding and Removing From a Succession Pool

It is important when identifying high potential employee to add them to a Succession Pool. You can add an employee to a Pool through the Employee Details page. Scroll to the Succession Pool section and click Add to Succession Pool. You can also add or remove an employee from a Succession Pool through the Succession Pool Comparison Page.

To Add an Employee to a Succession Pool:

  1. Open an employee node menu and select Add to Succession Pool.

  2. Use the drop-down menus to enter the Succession Pool information and click Add.
    • Succession Pool - Which Succession Pool to add the employee to.
    • Ranking - The ranking of the employees in the pool in regard to taking over the position.
    • Readiness - How soon the employee is ready to take over the position.

Note: An employee can be added to the same succession pool more than once. Be sure to delete any invalid duplicates to avoid confusion.

Remove an Employee from a Succession Pool:

  1. Open the Succession Pool you want to remove the employee from.
  2. Open the employee node menu and select Remove From Succession Pool.

  3. A confirmation window appears, click Delete to confirm.

Once the employee is deleted from the Succession Pool, it will automatically refresh to update the Succession Pool as well as the Employee Details Panel.

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