Uploading Data

The Data Management module allows you to upload data into the application.

The Reset Operations section lists all of the batches that have been run, including those that are run when the application is synced with SAP.

To upload data:

  1. Click Application Menu > Data Management.
  2. Click Create New Batch to start the new data update. This opens the data update options on the right side of the screen.
  3. In the first drop-down menu, select one of the following options:
    • Contract: To upload contracts to the system. Note that this can also be done by users in the application. This action can be done in the front-end of the application.
    • External System: To upload multiple systems at a time to the Master Data Configuration.
    • Master Agreement: To upload master agreements to the system. Note that this can also be done by users in the application. This action can be done in the front-end of the application.
    • PaymentScheduleIrregular: Do not upload this file from the Data Management module. This file must be uploaded in the application, in the specific Lease Component.
    • ReportingExchangeRate: To regularly upload the exchange rates used for additional group currencies for Disclosure and Consolidated Transaction Reports, and for the Financial Dashboards.
  4. In the second drop-down menu, select how the data will be uploaded. The options are:
    • Load Data: Deletes all existing records, and loads the new data.
    • Insert Data. A third drop-down appears with the following options:
      • Insert Only: Inserts the new records and ignores the existing ones (based on ID).
      • Merge Existing: Inserts the new records, and merges records that already exist.
      • Overwrite Existing: Inserts the new records, and overwrites existing records with new values.
    • Update Data
      • Update Only: Only imports records that already exist, and updates them.
      • Update or Insert: Updates existing records, and inserts the new ones. Note that updating records does not include removing/deleting records.
    • Delete Data: Deletes all records with matching IDs as the ones that are being imported.
    • Apply Delta
  5. If required, click Save to save the state of the current batch so it can be run at a later time.
  6. If required, click Create Copy to create a copy of files included in this batch. It saves in the Batch History in \[application directory]\WEB-INF\data-batches.
  7. Click Run to execute the process based on the operations selected in the drop-down menus. This opens up a dialog indicating that this change might not be reversible. The application then starts the import.

To clear the batch history:

  1. In the Data Management tab, click Delete Batch History.
  2. This option deletes all batch histories that compiles in the Reset Operations section. A history of every batch with some basic information is kept for later review. They can be safely deleted when no longer needed.

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