Syncing Systems

Once an system has been added to the master data configuration, the company must be defined and then the system must be synced with the SAP ERP.

Until the system is synced, the only available tables are the System table and Company table.

Note: Tables can be excluded from the manual SAP sync if they contain large volumes of data. See SAP Sync Settings for more information.

Once the system has been synced for the first time, individual tables should be regularly synced through the Job Scheduler.

To sync systems with SAP ERPs:

  1. Click Application Menu > Master Data Configuration.
  2. Navigate to System ConfigsSystem.
  3. Select the row for the system that needs to be synced.
  4. Click the sync button. Note that depending on the amount of data being synced, this may take some time.
  5. Alternatively, click System Config in the configuration tree. Click Sync All Systems with SAP to sync all systems instead of one system at a time.
  6. Once the sync has completed, Cross Company Code Configuration (for data that is valid for all company codes in the system) and Module Management (specifies which SAP modules are used) appear in the configuration tree, as well as all the tables below the Company.

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