Resolved Issues on 18-Jul-2023

Major Release Version: 2022.R2-SP1

Note that this release of Nakisa Lease Administration contains all resolved issues from the March 14th, 2023 release of 2022.R2.

Contract Inception and Operation

  • The Profit Center is now always saved to the application database for depreciation postings when the GL account is configured as a Balance Sheet account. Additionally, for all depreciation postings the application now properly saves the Cost Center and Profit Center from the unit level. If additional asset cost objects are enabled in the AdminConsole, the application saves the asset Cost Center and Profit Center if they are set (otherwise the liability cost objects are used). As a result of these changes, the SAP Posting Bot now sends the correct cost objects to SAP for these postings. (Reference: ESA 39)
  • A new validation has been added when activation groups are activated that requires that the GL accounts configured in the Accounting Determination table in Master Data Configuration are attached to the company in the GL Account table. (Reference: ESM 39)
  • The application no longer saves the Cost Center in the application database for depreciation postings when the GL accounts are configured as Balance Sheet accounts. As a result, the SAP Posting Bot no longer sends the Cost Center to SAP for these postings. (Reference: ESM 61)
  • Due to a rounding issue, the company currency amount in the Asset Retirement posting document was at times unbalanced, and as a result the document could not be successfully posted. This rounding issue has now been fixed. (Reference: RGM 74)

Financial Schedules and Lease Events

  • If multiple indexation events have been performed followed by a lease modification or reassessment to exercise a Supplemental term, subsequent indexation events now properly take into account the Supplemental term (instead of only considering the Base Rent). As a result, in the financial schedules the Index Lease Payment amount after the indexation event is now correct. (Reference: ESA 98)
  • When a Free Rent and a Supplemental term is exercised through the same lease modification event, the free rent amount now properly takes into account the newly added Supplemental term (instead of only considering the base rent amount). (Reference: REM 87)
  • When the contract is classified under ASC 842 operating and an impairment loss event is performed with a Remaining Depreciation Life of "1", in certain scenarios the financial schedules now show an NBV amount of zero after the event instead of a negative amount. (Reference: RGR 02)


  • When all tables under a system are exported using the Download Master Data tool (enabled through backend configuration), data is now properly included in the CT_Indexation tab of the exported file. (Reference: ESE 55)
  • When filters in the IBR, Indexation, Cost Center, and Profit Center pages of the Download Master Data tool (enabled in backend configuration) are set to "All", the application now properly downloads data for all objects. (Reference ESL 72)
  • Data can now be properly downloaded through both the Download Master Data tool (enabled via backend configuration) and System Configuration exports in Master Data Configuration when the Non Lease Accounting Determination table is exported and entries in the table are missing a Description. (Reference: ESO 89)
  • When the default short date format is changed on the General Settings page in the AdminConsole, data can now be properly exported if the Valid From or Valid To Range filters are used when the IBR table is exported in the Download Master Data tool (enabled in backend configuration). (Reference: ESR 92)
  • The new switch "Enable Sending Activation Date as Value Date" has been added to the Posting Settings page in the AdminConsole to determine the Value Date that is sent to SAP during asset capitalization and lease event postings in connected systems. When this switch is enabled, the Activation Date or Effective Date is always sent as the Value Date. (Reference: ESS 04)
  • When the Company Code filter in Bulk Create Indexation or Bulk Create IBR is set to "All", the application now properly creates entries for all companies. (Reference: EST 44, EST 49)

Dashboards and Reports

  • When the Contract or Activation Group Data Quality Integrity Reports in Additional Reports are generated and there is an object matching the filter criteria with no lease determination information, the reports now properly display data for all filtered objects. (Reference: ESR 28)
  • When a contract has multiple lease events with the same Effective Date and the Asset Roll Forward Disclosure Report is generated with a report end date is on or after that Effective Date, the report is now properly based on the latest revision history. As a result the Closing Net Book Value in the report is now correct. (Reference: ESS 53)

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