Resolved Issues on 12-Sep-2023

Major Release Version: 2022.R2-SP1

Note that this release of Nakisa Lease Administration contains all resolved issues from the March 14th, 2023 release of 2022.R2.

The following issues were resolved in this release:

  • When a contract has payments in advance with a "Quarterly" Payment Frequency and the Amount Frequency set to "Yearly", the payment amount in the financial schedules is now correct. (Reference: ESA 27)
  • Issues with uploading the Excel file in the Mass Lease Modification tool have been resolved.(Reference: ESB 89)
  • The following issue occasionally occurred if there were performance issues when merging an indexation draft (e.g., in instances of large amounts of data). If a lease event has been previously performed on a contract, during a subsequent indexation event the application was not properly updating the Reassessment Effective Date (displayed on the activation group Definition page) when the draft was merging. As a result, the dates and amounts in the indexation posting documents were incorrect because the application was using the wrong effective date.

    To handle this issue, the application now checks and displays an error during event postings to ensure the correct effective date is being used. In the event that this issue occurs, the new setting "cpiIndexationWaitTime" has been added to Leasing Settings in backend configuration, which causes the application to wait during indexations for the data to update. Contact Nakisa Support if you require this setting.

    (Reference: RBE 45)

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