About Freezing Companies

The Freeze Company feature allows users to freeze company codes, which suspends operation of the frozen companies and the contracts under it. This includes preventing users from on-boarding new contracts, modifying existing contracts, or posting transactions for any contracts under a frozen company code.

Only users with the Master role can freeze companies, while all other users have read-only access to the module. Note that users can only view the company codes to which they have access, based on their assigned authorization profile.

The following are some example use cases for freezing company codes:

  • Budgeting controls: The company is undergoing a budget review from senior management, who wants to block activity for some company codes for a period of time. The company code is set to frozen until the budget is approved.
  • Business combination: The lessee sells a company, which must be fully decommissioned. After freezing the company, all remaining Liability and ROU Asset balances must be cleared and the company decommissioned.
  • Discontinued operations with assets held for sale: The lessee is preparing to sell the company, and needs to freeze the company during the negotiation process, after which the company is eventually sold and decommissioned.

Note: Additional steps are required in order to decommission a company, for more information refer to Decommissioning Companies

After freezing a company code, the following actions are blocked for frozen companies:

  • Creating and on-boarding new contracts or master agreements
  • Transitioning workflow statuses
  • Posting or reversing any payment, accrual, depreciation, or charge transactions
  • Modifying or performing lease events on existing contracts
  • Running mass actions, including batches and Excel uploads
  • The following actions are also blocked in the Nakisa AdminConsole:
    • Running Scheduled Jobs, Scheduled Posting Jobs, or Migration Jobs
    • Manually modifying the Company table in Master Data Configuration

      Note: This table can still be modified through SAP syncs or Excel uploads. For more information refer to the Administrator Guide.

Note: In order to facilitate decommissioning, as an exception to these rules users can perform Lease End and Close action batches, as well as Mass Lease Modifications to add a Termination Option term.

Note: Changes and actions in this feature are recorded in the Audit Log and Service Log in the Nakisa AdminConsole (and not the Audit Log in the front-end of the application).

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