Viewing Companies

The Company List page displays the list of company codes to which a user has access, based on their assigned authorization profile. Although only users with the Master role can freeze companies, all other users have read-only access to this page. Users can filter the company list, or click on a company to view the company details page.

To view and filter the company list:

  1. Access the company list from the main menu or from the Action Center.
    • Click Main Menu > Administrator Menu > Freeze Company.
    • Alternatively, navigate to the Action Center and click on the status in the Frozen Company tile.

      Note: Users with read-only permissions can only access this page through the Action Center.

  2. The Company List page opens, with the list of company codes to which you have access.
  3. Click on a company code row to open a details page with information about the selected company, such as the currency or leading accounting standard.
  4. Use the filters in the left-panel to narrow down the results on the company list page.

    Note: If you access this page from the Action Center, the Status filter is preset to only display frozen companies. To view all company codes, deselect the Status filter.

  5. Use the search field to search the filters.

    Note: To clear the filter and view the full list, delete the search term.

  6. Click to customize the filters that are displayed in the left-panel.
  7. To save your filter settings as a favorite, click .
    • To access the saved landing page, click the Main Menu and select Favorites . Open the menu under Searches and select the required filtered landing page.
  8. To share a filtered landing page with other users, click . Note that other users may not see the same search results if they do not have the same viewing rights.

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