Selecting Chart Effective Dates

Authorized users can compare the structure and analytics for your organization based on past and future "snapshots" of your company data using the Effective Date functionality. Your administrator will establish set intervals for these effective dates (a certain day of every month or every year, for example), and this allows you to open your organization structure as it existed or is predicted to exist on that day. All of the analytics and dashboard functionality works on these snapshots, and the analysis they provide is based on the data in your Nakisa HR Suite system as of that date.

Note: In Nakisa HR Suite Self-Service models, effective dates are only available after customization provided by Nakisa. Talk to your account manager about procuring this feature.

To open an Effective Date org chart:

  1. Click the Effective Date date picker to the right of the Quick Search window. This opens the Effective Date dialog.
  2. Select the effective date you want to open from the drop-down menu and click Set. The effective date you selected now appears at the top of your organization structure so you can easily determine which data set you are viewing . You can open another effective date to run comparative analytics by pinning the effective date you just selected, then opening another chart with a different effective date in separate pane.

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