Other Settings

You can use the other posting bot settings section to configure additional posting bot settings. This includes enabling posting bot tools or determining the posting status of documents picked up by the posting bot. You can also determine whether or not exchange rates are sent to SAP in the posting documents.

Note that if your exchange rate or depreciation area configuration results in inconsistent currency exchange rates across different line items in certain posting documents, there may be an SAP error when the documents are posted. In this case, verify that your exchange rates are configured correctly, and configure this setting to only send the converted amounts in the posting documents (and not the exchange rates).

To configure other settings:

  1. Click Application Menu > SAP Posting Bot. The posting bot page opens in a separate window.
  2. Click Settings in the left panel, and navigate down to the Setting section on the page.
  3. The switch "Posting Document" is disabled by default and the posting bot picks up and posts all internally generated posting documents, as well as postings that are failed externally. Enable the switch to only post postings with the status "Posted (Internal)" or "Reversed (Internal)".
  4. By default the switch "Exchange Rates" is enabled, and exchange rates are sent to SAP in the posting documents. If the switch is disabled, the posting bot does not send exchange rates in the posting documents. Enable or disable the switch as needed.
  5. Enable the switch "Enable Detect Duplicates and Consistency Check Tools" to enable the Detect Duplicates and Consistency Check tools for all new postings made after the switch was enabled. Note the following warnings about these tools:
    • Before enabling this switch you must perform additional configuration in SAP to set the TCODE to "NAKISA". For more information, refer to the SAP Prerequisites Guide. Do not enable the switch before preforming this configuration, otherwise postings cannot not be displayed in the tools.
    • Enabling this switch will change the document header text for all future postings to "<Internal Document Number>-<Document Type>" (e.g., "123-Payment"). Note that if you have any external reports that rely on the header text, they may be impacted.
    • You must ensure you do not have any pending documents that need to be re-posted in SAP (e.g., documents with "Failed (External)" or "Reversed (Internal)" statuses), otherwise these postings will always be displayed in the tools.
    • You can no longer use the Field Mapping page to modify the default mapping for the header text field. Note that any existing mappings for the header text field will also be ignored.
  6. If required, click Reset Configuration to reset the settings on the page to the default values.
  7. Click Save to save all settings on the page.

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