Deleting and Delimiting Objects

Objects in scenarios can be deleted or delimited, depending on how they came to be in your structure. If you created the objects while working with the scenario, you can delete the objects directly. If the objects came into your scenario from your ERP system, you can only delimit them.

The Change Report reflects delimited and deleted entries.

Note: In Team Designs, you can only delete objects, not delimit them. You must delete or move all child objects before you can delete parent objects.

Note: The OOB Writeback does not support delimiting objects.

To delete or delimit an object:

  1. Open your scenario or team design.
  2. Click the Node menu of the object you want to delete or delimit.
  3. Select Delimit or Delete as is appropriate to the object.
  4. Confirm the Delimit or Delete by clicking Delimit or Delete in the dialog that appears. If you delimit the item, it appears greyed-out with a slash through it. If you deleted it, the object is removed from the org chart and cannot be undone. You will receive a notification when the deletion completes successfully, and the objects you delimit will appear in the Changes Report.

If you delimit an object that you didn't mean to, or if you decide later that you want the object back in your scenario, you can easily "undelimit" that object.

To undelimit an object:

  1. Click the Node menu of the delimited item you want to restore.
  2. Select Undo Delimit . The item is reactivated and you can interact with it normally.

To delete or delimit multiple records at the same time :

Classic Nakisa HR Suite also makes it easy to normalize your data to help integrate it into your scenarios. You can search the data in your scenario, select appropriate objects, and delete or delimit them in bulk as necessary.

This feature is disabled by default and will need to be enabled in the Nakisa AdminConsole. When it is enabled only users with the appropriate user roles will have access to this feature.

Note: The Mass Delete/Delimit is only available in Org Design and Org Merger scenarios.

  1. Load the scenario that contains the objects you want to modify.
  2. Enter * and click Search in the Application menu. This opens a list of every org unit, position, or employee in the node (depending on the search option selected in the Filter Panel.
  3. Enter search criteria in the text field in the Filter Panel to narrow the objects returned.
  4. Select the objects that you want to delete or delimit and select Delete or Delimit from the Mass Actions drop-down.

    A popup will appear requiring you to confirm the delete (or delimit) action.

  5. Click Delete or Delimit to confirm.

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