Other Data Management Options

Use the following options with caution, as some can delete or overwrite your existing data:

  • Update Database Structure: Updates the database schema by adding (empty) fields and relations, but does not delete any existing data.
    • You must click Recreate Index after updating the database structure.
  • Sync SAP: Syncs all configured SAP systems. Note that this could take a significant amount of time, depending on the number of systems configured and the size of the data being synced. It is better to sync each system individually via the Master Data Configuration module.
  • Load Default Data: Reloads the Application_Config.xlsx, System_Config.xlsx, and ExternalSystem_Config.xlsx files located in the following folders:
    • \[application directory]\WEB-INF\data-batches\default_application
    • \[application directory]\WEB-INF\data-batches\default_Disconnected
    • \[application directory]\WEB-INF\data-batches\default_externalSystem
    • \[application directory]\WEB-INF\data-batches\default_System<x>

    Note: These folders contain sample master data configuration by default. You can replace the Excel files in these folders with your own customized default data, and reload your own data.

    Warning: Use extreme caution. Loading the default data will override your current Master Data Configuration.

  • Entity Counts: Displays the number of entries in each database table.

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