Setting up Configuration for Hybrid Systems

If the application has a system configured to use a hybrid connection, the application syncs master data from SAP, fetches certain data from SAP (e.g., exchange rates and tax amounts), but only generates internal posting documents. All asset entries are maintained in GL accounts instead of in FI-AA in SAP.

The master data configuration setup for hybrid systems is the same as the process outline in Setting up Configuration for Systems Fully Connected to SAP, except for the following:

  • The Connection Type field in the System table must be set to "HYBRID".
    • Alternatively, if the system Connection Type is set to "SAP", the Company can be set to hybrid by selecting the checkbox "Hybrid Connection (Overrides SAP Connection)".
  • Configure the Asset Accounting Determination table with the GL accounts synced from SAP. These accounts are non-reconciliation accounts for GBV, AD, and Impairment Loss/Gain for all the assets in SAP FI-GL. Refer to the SAP Prerequisites Guide for information on how to setup the accounts.
  • Add number range entries for all document types in the Number Range table (such as Asset Capitalization Document and Asset Depreciation Document).
  • If you are using open item management in SAP, you must also configure the GL Account table.

If an ERP Posting Bot is used to pick up internally generated documents to transfer them to the SAP system, set the following fields:

Note: Connected systems and companies can be converted to hybrid, but you must run the scheduled migration jobs to migrate existing contracts. Note that you cannot convert hybrid systems and companies to connected ones.

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