Functional administrators can add, modify, or sync systems.

If the application is connected to an SAP ERP system, it must be synced. Note that once an SAP system has been synced, you should not change the connection string (in the ConnectionConfig field). It is better to detach the system, and add a new one with the desired connection string.

Note: If you change the ConnectionConfig, you must also update the server information for the SAP WEBGUI links in the External URL table.

If the system is operating in standalone mode, then the entire system configuration must be configured manually or via an Excel upload.

The Posting Mode determines if postings are solely handled by Nakisa Lease Administration, or if an ERP Posting Bot is also used to transfer postings to the ERP system. Note that the system-level Posting Mode can be overridden by the setting at company-level.

To configure anything below the system, the system must first be selected on this page.

For information about how initially configure the System Configuration via Excel, see Setting up Configuration for Systems Fully Connected to SAP.

To add or modify a system:

  1. Click Application Menu > Master Data Configuration.
  2. Navigate to System ConfigsSystem.
  3. To add a new system, click Menu > Add.
  4. To edit an existing system, click on the required row.
  5. Enter the following information:
    • Name: The system name.
    • Type: Enter "SAP" if connecting to an SAP ERP
    • System Date Format: Enter the date format expected by the ERP system. For example, "yyyy.MM.dd".

      Warning: The date format must follow java standard date formats. For example:

      • "yyyy" or "yy" indicates year (e.g., 1996 or 96)
      • "MM" indicates the month in a year (e.g., 07)
      • "dd" indicates day in the month (e.g., 10)
      • "DD" indicates day in the year (e.g., 189)
    • ConnectionType: Select what type of connection is used to connect to the system.
      • Select "SAP" if fully integrating with an SAP system (ERP ECC6 or S/4HANA) for both syncing and posting.

        Note: When the system is set to "SAP", the Connection Type may be overridden at company-level if the Hybrid Connection (Overrides SAP Connection) checkbox is selected.

      • Select "Nakisa" if the application is operating in standalone mode for this system.
      • Select "HYBRID" if the application is syncing from an SAP system, fetching certain data at the time of posting, and posting internally.
      • Select "Other" if the application is connected to a customized system.

      Note: Do not use the option "S4HANA".

    • ConnectionConfig: If the ConnectionType is set to "SAP" or "HYBRID", select one of the connection strings that have been defined in the Settings Data Connections page.
    • ConnectionDesc: This field can be used to enter a description of the ConnectionConfig selected. By default, it is populated with the connection string, but can be changed any description.
    • SAP Version: If the ConnectionType is set to "SAP", select the specific ERP (ECC6 or S/4HANA) version.
    • Sync Mode: This field determines how the application syncs master data from the connected ERP system. At this time, the only supported option is "NATIVE", which implies a fully integrated sync process for SAP and hybrid systems, or no syncing for standalone systems.
    • Posting Mode: This field determines if document postings are handled solely by Nakisa Lease Administration, or if ERP Posting Bots are also used:
      • "NATIVE": The application posts directly to SAP for SAP systems, or generates internal documents for hybrid and standalone systems.
      • "SAP_POSTING_BOT": If the SAP Posting Bot is installed and running, it will pick up internally generated posting documents for this system and post them to GL accounts in SAP.

      Note: The Posting Mode can also be set in the Company table, which overrides the system-level setting.

    • Posting Bot Start Date: Set the start date for the SAP Posting Bot if the Posting Mode is set to "SAP_POSTING_BOT". The bot selects all internally generated posting documents with Posting Dates on or after the configured start date, and transfers the posting to the SAP ERP.

      Note: The Posting Bot Start Date can also be set in the Company table, which overrides the system-level date. Note that if these fields are not set, the bot transfers all valid postings to the SAP ERP.

  6. Click Submit.

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