SAP Posting Bot Sync Job Log

The Sync Job Log records sets of postings (configured in the Parallel Posting Settings table) that are run by the SAP Posting Bot, as well as the upcoming date and time of the next scheduled posting run. The log also displays postings that are in progress, and records a count of the failed and posted items in each run.

The log entries use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) as the default time zone.

To view the sync job log:

  1. Click Application Menu > SAP Posting Bot. The posting bot page opens in a separate window.
  2. Click Sync Job Log in the left panel.
  3. The Sync Job Log page opens. Use the page controls to view the entries in the log.
  4. Use the search boxes and filters on the page to find specific entries, if needed.
  5. If required, click to cancel any posting runs that are scheduled or in progress.
  6. Optionally, click to refresh the page.
  7. Once the job is run, you can click the info icon under the reports column to display a count of the failed and posted transactions executed in the posting run.
  8. Click on a log entry to download a Sync Job Report with additional details on the successful or failed postings executed in a posting run. A download pop-up appears listing the files available for download. Depending on the size of the posting run and your report configuration, the report is broken down into multiple Excel files. Note that the report files and rows are sorted by the order in which the postings were run.
    • To download a single file, click on the row.
    • To download all files listed, click Export All.

    Note: If a file takes too long to download, lower the number of rows that are exported in each Excel file in the Sync Job Log Settings.

  9. To download the Sync Job Log to an Excel file, click > Export Logs . Note that error messages for failed posting runs are available in the exported logs.

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