Posting Sync Settings

SAP Posting Bot posting sync settings allow you to schedule how often the posting bot runs and configure the bot to automatically re-post failed postings.

Note: Use the Sync Job Log to view records of postings scheduled and run by the SAP Posting Bot.

To configure posting sync settings:

  1. Click Application Menu > SAP Posting Bot. The posting bot page opens in a separate window.
  2. Click Settings in the left panel.
  3. The Sync Interval (in minutes) determines how often the bot checks the application for internal postings and posts externally to SAP. After successfully posting in SAP, the document posting status in Nakisa Lease Administration changes to "Posted (External)". This interval can range up to a maximum of 366 days (21960 minutes), and is set to 24 hours (1440 minutes) by default.

    Note: To ensure there are no duplicated postings, Nakisa recommends setting the execution interval to 24 hours or higher.

  4. Set the Retires for Failed Postings to the number of times the posting bot attempts to re-post a failed posting during a posting run. The Number of Retries can range from zero to ten, and is set to zero by default.
  5. Enter the Wait Between Retries in seconds, which represents the interval between each retry attempt (configured in Retries for Failed Postings). The wait time can range from zero to ten, and is set to zero by default.
  6. The Parallel Postings Settings section determines the number of lanes used at one time when the posting bot runs. Increase the number of lanes and configure these settings to run multiple lanes and postings in parallel (therefore increasing the speed at which the posting run is executed).
    1. In the field Parallel Sync Job Lanes, enter the number of lanes that can be used at one time, up to a maximum of 99.
    2. The Chunk Size determines the number of postings executed at one time in a lane. Increasing the chunk size increases the speed at which the posting run is executed. This setting can range from 1 to 200, and is set to 20 by default.

      If the chunk size is greater than one and some postings fail during a posting run, the bot rolls back all postings in the chunk (i.e., fails any posted transactions and does not post the remaining postings). For example, if the chunk size is set to 10 and the 5th posting in a chunk fails, the bot fails postings 1-4 and does not post the remaining five transactions.

      Note: These postings are also recorded as failed in the Sync Job Log. In order to determine which postings truly failed (e.g., due to SAP configuration), set the chunk size to 1 and execute the posting run again to view the failed postings in the log.

    3. In the table, define entries of Systems and Companies to specify sets of postings that are picked up and run by lanes. If there are fewer lanes than table entries, the first lane that finishes will pick up the next entry. However, if there are more lanes than table entries, all lanes will be used. By default, a single entry is configured with all valid Systems and Companies selected. Click to add a new entry to the table and specify the System and one or more Companies. Only Systems or Companies with the Posting Mode set to "SAP_Posting_Bot" are available.

      Note: The posting bot only picks up postings for valid Companies that are included in the table entries. Update the table if your System or Company configuration changes.

    4. Click to save an entry in the table. Note that each Company can only appear in the table once. Invalid entries are indicated by an "X" in the "Valid" column. All invalid entries must either be corrected or deleted (by clicking ) in order to schedule and run the posting bot.

      Note: The changes to this table are automatically saved. The Save and Reset Configuration buttons at the bottom of the page do not apply to this parallel posting table.

  7. Optionally, the following manual options are available to run and reschedule the bot:
    • Click Sync Now to run the posting bot immediately.

      Note: To run the posting bot again, first click to refresh the page.

    • Click Reschedule to cancel any scheduled posting runs and reschedule all of them to start after the saved Sync Interval.
    • To cancel individual scheduled posting runs, go to the Sync Job Log.
  8. If required, click Reset Configuration to reset the settings on the page to the default values.
  9. Click Save to save all settings on the page.

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