About the SAP Posting Bot

If Nakisa Lease Administration is operating in standalone or hybrid mode, assets are maintained in GL accounts and internal posting documents are generated. The SAP Posting Bot can be used to regularly transfer these internal documents to SAP.

To set up the SAP Posting Bot, first contact Nakisa Support to enable the bot (and accompanying API) in Nakisa Cloud Platform. Based on the Posting Mode and posting bot start date configuration in the System or Company Master Data Configuration tables, the SAP Posting Bot picks up all internally generated posting documents with Posting Dates on or after the configured start date, and transfers the posting to the SAP ERP.

If the postings to SAP fail for any reason, the posting status changes to "Failed (External)". The posting bot automatically picks up these documents again the next time it runs to attempt to post them. If the document needs to be regenerated (e.g., the GL accounts need to be changed), then users can reverse the internal document.

To view the connection status:

  1. Click Application Menu > SAP Posting Bot.
  2. Click Status in the left panel.
  3. The version number and connection status of the SAP Posting Bot and API is displayed. Contact Nakisa Support if the connection or API status is down.

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