Schedule Jobs

Scheduled Jobs can be used to execute different syncs, postings, or tasks at scheduled intervals.

Note that although the scheduled time is entered in your local time, all jobs are stored in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). If you are in a country that is affected by Daylight Savings Time, you must be careful with any jobs scheduled around midnight, as it may run on a different day when there is a time shift.

Note: If a Scheduled Job is run on a frozen company to post transactions, the postings will fail and an error message can be viewed in the Results History of the job.

To schedule a job and view details:

  1. Click Application Menu > Schedule Jobs.
  2. To filter the jobs that are listed, in the Task Group drop-down, select "Application" jobs, "Sync" jobs, or "All" jobs.
  3. The Enabled column indicates which jobs are enabled, with a Status set to "SCHEDULED". Note that if you disable a job that is currently scheduled, the Status changes to "PAUSED".
  4. The column Next Scheduled Date indicates when it will next be run, if it is scheduled.
  5. Click Edit to modify how often the job should be run. If the job was already scheduled, the pop-up window opens displaying the current schedule.
  6. Click Result History to view the results for previously run jobs. For application tasks (that are not thresholds), click Get Results for additional information.

To immediately run a job:

  1. For the required job, click Run. Note that the job does not have to be enabled to run it immediately.
  2. Click Result History to view the result of the job.
  3. To reset the status of a running job in case the status is stuck, click Clear. Note that clicking this button will not stop a running job.

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