Frozen Companies

A Freeze Company feature is available in the front-end of the application that allows users to freeze specific company codes. When a company is frozen, the application suspends operations on the company and the contracts under it (such as blocking postings or lease events). For more detailed information about this feature and the suspended operations in the front-end of the application, refer to the User Guide.

In the Nakisa AdminConsole, the following actions are blocked for frozen companies:

  • Running Scheduled Jobs
  • Running Scheduled Posting Jobs
  • Running Migration Jobs
  • Manually modifying the Company table in Master Data Configuration

    Note: The application will not block changes to the Company table via SAP syncs or Excel uploads. Additionally, note that other tables under the Company table in the configuration tree, as well as Cross Company Code configuration, can still be manually modified.

Users can determine which company is frozen by clicking a company code row in the Company table. A message is displayed at the top of the edit pop-up. Alternatively, search for "LT_Company" in the Entity Navigation Tool to view the list of frozen companies and the date they were frozen.

Note: If a Scheduled Job is run on a frozen company to post transactions, the postings will fail and an error message can be viewed in the Results History of the job, as well as the failed posting document.

Note: When a user freezes a company, the change is recorded in the Service Log and Audit Log in the Nakisa AdminConsole (and not in the Audit Log in the front-end of the application).

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