What's New

In addition to general editorial changes and corrections, this release of the documentation contains the following main changes included in 2022.R2-SP1 (updated as of the July18th, 2023 release):

  • A series of new switches have been added to the Accounting Settings page to determine the default position of different checkboxes.
    • The switch 'Set "Modify Contract Rate" by Default' determines the default position of the "Modify Contract Rate" checkbox in lease modification events.
    • The switch 'Set "Use User Terms & Conditions" by Default' determines the default position of the "Use User Terms & Conditions" checkbox in workflow batches in Batch Management.
    • The switch 'Set "Apply Earlier Indexation" by Default' determines the default position of the "Apply Earlier Indexation" checkbox in Extension terms.
  • A new switch "Disable Lease End Date Validations" has been added to the Accounting Settings page to disable the validations for the End Date and Posting Date fields during the lease end process.
  • The new switch "Enable Sending Activation Date as Value Date" has been added to the Posting Settings page to determine the Value Date that is sent to SAP during asset capitalization and lease event postings in connected systems. When this switch is enabled, the Activation Date or Effective Date is always sent as the Value Date.
  • The following changes have been made to Scheduled Posting Jobs:
    • A new checkbox "Until End of Schedule Run Month" has been added to the Posting Parameters section. If this checkbox is selected, the job picks up all postings until the end of the month of the day the job is scheduled to run.
    • A new Stop button has been added to running jobs to stop the job from processing the remaining items.
  • To improve performance during certain SAP syncs, a new Schedule Job "Data Management Batch Rolling Task" has been added and runs once a day by default to delete the history of successful Data Management batches that have passed the rolling threshold of 7 days.
  • A new switch "New RFC_READ_TABLE" has been added to the BAPI Settings page and is off by default. For SAP ERP versions ECC6 or S/4HANA 2020 or earlier with the support package 61817INSAPFIN or later applied that changes RFC_READ_Table, enable the switch to send the correct BAPIs and parameters to SAP.
  • When an accrual posting batch is run on a contract that has multiple accounting standards (one of which is classified as ASC 842 operating), the application now properly uses the configuration in the Accounting Determination table. Note that the application was previously using the GL accounts configured for the operating classification for all accounting standards on the lease.

    Warning: If different GL accounts are configured for the different standards in the Accounting Determination table, the application will begin posting accrual batches to these new GL accounts. This may result in remaining balances when existing leases are closed. To work around this issue, modify your configuration to continue using the same GL accounts or contact Nakisa Support for additional options.

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