Exchange Rate Report

The Exchange Rate Report lists the exchange rates used in the Financial Dashboard, and is available with the Financial Analysis Reporting Module license. The values in the Financial Dashboard are translated to company or group currency using exchange rates that are periodically updated in the Reporting Exchange Rate table in the application database. The Exchange Rate Report lists the rates found in this exchange rate table. Note that if the Disclosure Reports are configured with an additional group reporting currency with rates uploaded via Excel in the Nakisa AdminConsole, the Exchange Rate Report also displays the rates used to convert amounts to this reporting currency.

Note: This report operates in the same way as the Compliance and Additional Reports. For information about additional options, refer to Compliance and Additional Reports.

To generate the report:

  1. Click Main Menu > Financial DashboardsExchange Rate Report.
  2. Set the filters for the report. The following list contains the comprehensive list of filter fields available. Note that the drop-down fields are searchable, show a maximum of 10 results at a time, and do not allow special characters.
    • Reports: This filter is automatically set to "Exchange Rate Report".
    • Valid From Date and Valid To Date: Select the required date range for the report (up to a maximum range of 12 months). Note that these fields must be set.
    • Exchange Rate Type: List of all exchange rates types available in the Reporting Exchange Rate table. Leave this field empty to extract exchange rates for all rate types.
    • Currency Type: List of all of the currency types available in the Reporting Exchange Rate table. For example, selecting currency type 10 generates a report with exchange rates for contract to company currencies. Leave this field blank to extract exchange rates for all currency types.
    • From Currency and To Currency: List of From and To Currencies available in the Reporting Exchange Rate table. Note that if one of these fields is set, the other becomes mandatory. Leave the fields empty to extract exchange rates for all currency pairs.
  3. If required, modify the Report Format of the generated report. This can be set to either the standard XLS format, or a CSV format with limited formatting.

    Note: In the CSV Report Format, large numbers may be displayed in scientific format. In this case, change the cell format to "Number" to display the full number.

  4. Optionally, click Save Filter to save the current filter settings. You can have a maximum of 25 saved filters at one time in the Exchange Rate Report.
    • To use a previously saved filter, click Use Saved Filter and select the required filter.
    • To update a saved filter, re-save a filter with the same name as the saved filter.
  5. Click Generate. Wait for the report to be generated in the "Reports" section. Note that if there are any mandatory fields that are empty, they will be highlighted in red.
    • To stop and delete the report while it is generating, click .
  6. To view the exchange rate report, export the report by clicking .
    • To delete the report, click .
    • For files with an XLS report format, use Save As to resave the file as an Excel 97-2003 Workbook .xls file (instead of the generated html file).
  7. If required, click above the Reports section to delete all generated reports. This button deletes all scheduled and manual reports that you have previously generated.

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