Compliance and Additional Reports

The following types of compliance and additional reports are available in the application:

VP of Leasing, Accountants, Business Owners, and Financial Disclosure Reporting users can view the Disclosure and Additional Reports, while all users can view the Consolidated Transaction and Periodic Posting Status Report. These reports only show information for contracts to which the user has access, based on their assigned authorization profile.

Note that users who have the Financial Disclosure Reporting role can see all of the data. Also note that users can only see the reports that they generate themselves, and cannot see the reports generated by other users.

The application can be configured to send an email notification (that includes a report download link) when a report is generated. Contact your system administrator to enabled this feature, if required. The reports can also be scheduled to automatically generate. For additional information refer to Scheduling Reports.

Note: Actions performed in the reports, such as when a report was last generated or scheduled, are recorded in the Service Log in the Nakisa AdminConsole.

The generated files use an American number format and the DD-MM-YYYY date format, and do not consider the user's local settings, User Preferences, or the default date format set in the application. The column titles in the file are in the language under which you are currently logged in.

Note: The generated reports are deleted after 36 hours to free up disk space. If there are more than 15 reports being generated at one time, the other reports will be queued.

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