Scheduling Reports

VP of Leasing, Accountants, Business Owners, and Financial Disclosure Reporting users can schedule the Compliance and Additional Reports, as well as the Exchange Rate Report to automatically run on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Each user can schedule up to 20 different reports at a time for each type of report (e.g. 20 Disclosure Reports can be scheduled at one time). Note that users can only see the schedules and reports that they generate themselves. They cannot see schedules generated by other users.

Note: The generated reports are deleted after 36 hours to free up disk space. If there are more than five users trying to generate reports at the same time, the other users will be queued.

To schedule a report:

  1. Click Main Menu > Compliance Reports, and select the type of report.
  2. Set the filters and Report Format for the selected report. The scheduled report will be based off of these settings.
  3. Click Schedule. A Schedule Report pop-up appears.
  4. Enter the Interval, Day of Month ,and Start Time to specify when the schedule should run.

    Note that the log entries are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

    Warning: If the day of the month selected does not exist in a particular month, a report is not scheduled for that month. For example, if you select 30 as the day of the month, no report is scheduled for the month of February.

  5. Select the Increment Period Start or Increment Period End checkbox to increment the reporting period start or end dates of the next scheduled reports. Note that if both of these checkboxes are not selected, the scheduled reports will all cover the same reporting period.

    For reference, a dynamic sample of the dates and periods of the next three scheduled reports is displayed at the bottom of the window. Note that the time and date displayed in the example shows when the report will run in your local browser time.

  6. Click Schedule. A schedule is created and displayed in the "Scheduled Reports" section below.
  7. When the report is available, click on the schedule to export the report to Excel.
    • For files with an XLS Report Format, use Save As to resave the file as an Excel 97-2003 Workbook .xls file (instead of the generated html file).
  8. In the information section of the report, "Next Report Generation" indicates when the next scheduled report will run. Note that when the next scheduled report runs, the previous report is deleted.
    • To delete the schedule, click . This deletes both the schedule and the previously generated report, if available.
    • To delete the report, click .
  9. If required, click above the Reports section to delete all generated reports. This button deletes all scheduled and manual reports that you have previously generated. Note that it does not delete the schedule itself.

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