Diversity Analysis Timeline

The Timeline page displays diversity statistics over time. The page is based on the Historic Employee Dataset (i.e., employees' records for all effective dates) with additional filters to only display active employees.

You can use the following options to drill down or analyze your data:

  • Use the filter panel to narrow down the data displayed on the page.
  • Use the hierarchy search to select a position or org unit and only display data for objects that report to that position.
  • Change a dashboard to the equivalent search results page containing the data currently displayed.
  • Select a record on a search results page and open the Details Panel to view record details.
  • Export the records from the search results page to Excel for reporting purposes.

You can also customize the layout, which is only visible to you (and not to other users viewing the same pages). For information on how to use the dashboard toolbar and chart options, see About Dashboards.

To access the Timeline page:

  1. Click the Main Menu .
  2. Click Diversity AnalysisTimeline.

The following charts are available by default:




Number of employees over time.


Number of employees by ethnicity over time.


Number of employees by gender over time.


Number of employees by nationality over time.


Number of employees by country over time.


Number of employees by age over time.

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