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Depending on how your Nakisa HR Suite administrators configured your environment, the first page you see upon logging in may be the landing page (which may also be considered the Home tab). This page provides you one-click access to the most commonly used elements of your Nakisa HR Suite environment. The objects you see on this page will be determined by your environment and your role. You can drag and drop the following sections on the page to suit your preferences.

Organization Structure

This section opens your organization chart in the perspective of your choosing. Your options are Manager, Functional, and Legal. You can also open your Derived org chart, if you need to see a speculative version of your org chart that uses the different organization structure (either positions reporting to positions or org units/divisions reporting to org units). This section also give you access to your Employee org chart, if your Nakisa HR Suite administrator uploaded the content for that.

What-if Scenarios

This section opens scenarios that you have created based on your organization. You can select Org Designs, Org Mergers, or Team Designs.

Video Playlist and Analytics

In addition to some helpful "how-to" videos on how to use some of the most popular features in Nakisa HR Suite, you can use this section to access the analytics for your organization. You can view your Organization Directory, which is a list of all of the employees in the company. You can access the Employee and Position dashboards, the Employee Map, Employee and Position Trends, Turnover Trends for departed employees, and the Organization Overview. and Icicle chart.

View My Profile

Clicking the link in the upper right corner to access your own Employee details panel, where you may have the option of adding information to the Social section of your profile.

Change My Preferences

Clicking the preferences icon to the top right opens the My Preferences options. You can modify the following options:

  • Language
  • Theme
  • Show help icon

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