Using the Organizational Overview

The Organizational Overview provides a sunburst chart that illustrates the demographics in your organization. To open the Organizational Overview from your main Organization Structure, click the Organizational Overview icon .

From here, you can change what appears in the Overview by changing the settings and filters.

  • To change the settings, open the settings menu on the right of the screen and select from Headcount - Legal, Headcount - Perspective, Salary Total - Legal, or Salary Total - Perspective. See Perspectives for more information.
  • To change the filters, open the filter options menu on the left of the screen and select the relevant checkboxes.

As you mouse over the chart, the breadcrumb menu at the top of the screen lets you know which section you are highlighting. You may click on any section of the chart to open the details panel for that section.

You can also use the Organizational Overview to discover orphaned nodes in your data.

To share your Organizational Overview:

  1. Configure your Organizational Overview to your specifications.
  2. Click Share .
  3. Click Copy to Clipboard and Close.
  4. Share the link with the appropriate users as needed.

To change the Organizational Overview to reflect a different perspective

You can view the Organizational Overview so that it can reflect the reporting relationships from the Legal or Functional perspectives, but this is only an option when you have a filtered scope (i.e., when you're viewing data for yourself and the reports below you. To do so, you must access the Org Overview from the Toolbar inside the org chart. You cannot change the perspective if you access the Org Overview from the Landing Page or the Main menu.


When you open the Org Overview from within the org chart, you can open the filter panel and select the perspective you want to use.

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