What's New in 2022.R2-SP2

In addition to general editorial changes and corrections, this release of the documentation contains the following main changes included in 2022.R2-SP2:

  • The checkbox "Profit Center Enabled" in the GL Account table in Master Data Configuration is no longer reserved for future use and has been renamed to "Profit Center (B/S Account)". When this checkbox is enabled, the profit center is saved to the application database and/or sent to SAP during postings for Balance Sheet GL accounts. This is available for all connection modes.
  • To improve performance, the Schedule Job "Clear Task Folders" that deletes Task Manager data of old tasks that have already run from the application database now runs once every two days by default (instead of once every seven days).

SAP Posting Bot

The following changes have been made to the SAP Posting Bot:

  • A new switch "Enable Detect Duplicates and Consistency Check Tools" has been added to the posting bot Settings page to enable the new posting bot tools. Note that before enabling this switch you must perform additional configuration in SAP. For more information, refer to the SAP Prerequisites Guide.
    • The Consistency Check tool allows you to check and correct any externally posted transactions that do not have a valid posting document in SAP.
    • The Detect Duplicates tool can detect and reverse any duplicate postings that were posted to SAP by the posting bot.
  • In hybrid systems with the SAP Posting Bot configured, when a reversal fails in SAP the posting status now reverts to "Posted (External)" (instead of "Failed Reverse (External)"), allowing you to correct any issues as needed (such as the Reversal Reason or Posting Date). Note that these failed reversals are no longer automatically picked up by the posting bot, and therefore you now must reverse these failed postings again (either manually or through batches). Any error messages for these failed reversals can be viewed in the Sync Job Report.

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