About Jobs

Many tasks, sync operations, and postings are executed via jobs in the application.

  • The Schedule Jobs tab lists all of the jobs available. These jobs can be enabled or disabled, and they can be scheduled, but new jobs cannot be created.
  • The Scheduled Posting Jobs tab allows administrators to easily configure the schedule for posting jobs.
  • The Migration Jobs allow administrators to migrate the system configuration of existing contracts from a fully connected SAP system to a hybrid system. Note that the scheduling of Migration Jobs is disabled by default, but can be enabled on the Posting Settings page.

The Status field indicates if the job is currently, not scheduled, scheduled, or paused (i.e., it was scheduled, but the job was then disabled). There is also the option to view the history of each job that was run. If required, a job can be immediately run (instead of waiting for its scheduled time).

Note: These jobs do not pick up and run contracts with frozen company codes. For more information, refer to Frozen Companies.

Note that the "Threshold" tasks are used for thresholds. If you choose to run one of these jobs manually, all of the thresholds that use this task will be run.

Note: Refer to the Task Manager Status to ensure that the queues are connected and running.

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