SAP Posting Bot Service Log

A Service Log is available to track changes made on the SAP Posting Bot pages. The log entries use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) as the default time zone.

Note: Changes to the Parallel Posting Settings table are not recorded in the Service Log. For additional logging options, see SAP Posting Bot Sync Job Log.

By default, the service log rolls over after 90 days. This rolling threshold can be changed (up to a maximum of 180 days) in the Service Log Settings. Records that have passed the rolling threshold are archived and can be exported on this Service Log page.

Additional logging of the SAP Posting Bot is available in Nakisa Cloud Platform. To access these logs, contact Nakisa Support.

To view the service log:

  1. Click Application Menu > SAP Posting Bot. The posting bot page opens in a separate window.
  2. Click Service Log in the left panel.
  3. The Service Log page opens. Use the page controls to view the entries in the log.
  4. Click Show Diff on a service log entry to view more details (including previous and new values) in JSON format.
  5. Use the search box and filters on the page to find specific entries, if needed.
  6. If required, download the service log to an Excel file.
    • To export the current records that have not rolled, click > Export Service Log .
    • To export archived records that have rolled, click > Export Archive Service Log .
      • In the pop-up, specify the From and To date range (up to a maximum range of six months) and click Export.

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