Service Log

The Service Log tracks key actions that have been performed in the Nakisa AdminConsole and backend configuration (which is only accessible by Nakisa). Certain actions in the front-end of the application are also logged, including the Freeze Company feature, and the Compliance and Additional Reports (as well as the other reports that work in the same way). The log records the user who performed the action, and when it was done. The previous value of certain critical changes are also logged, such as changing the CDS Log settings or modifying a Scheduled Posting Job.

The Service Log primarily logs actions and button clicks and does not record data changes or the outcome of actions. For example, the log records when a user re-indexes the database, however the successful or failed results of the database re-index are not logged.

Additional logging on when scheduled or manual scheduled jobs, batches, or thresholds tasks start and stop can be found in the CDS Logs.

For changes in Master Data Configuration, the Service Log records button clicks and actions that are performed. Note that you can determine in which System a logged action was performed by identifying the system's Connection Config (found on the System page) in the log details. To track changes in application data (including previous and new values), use the master data audit log.

The Category column of the log records where the action occurred in the application. Actions performed in the Nakisa AdminConsole are logged under the category "Admin", while actions in backend configuration are logged under "Service_Config_Editor".

Note that the log entries are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The Service Log can also be exported to an Excel file, however by default Excel exports are limited to 5000 items.

Note: Due to how the data is stored, there may be multiple line entries logged for the same action.

By default, the service log rolling threshold is set to 95 days. The Scheduled Job Service Log Rolling Task runs daily by default to verify if the service log has passed this threshold (and therefore needs to be rolled or not). Service Log records that have passed the rolling threshold are saved as a CSV ZIP file and stored on the Download Files page.

Warning: The Service Log records some manual actions related to SAP syncs and Excel uploads, such as the uploaded file name or when a SAP sync was performed. However, changes in the application as a result of any Excel upload or SAP sync are not recorded in the log. For additional logging options refer to Audit Log.

To view the Service Log:

  1. Click Application Menu > Service Log.
  2. The Service Log page opens. Use the page controls to view all of the entries in the log.
  3. Additional information is available in the context menu of certain log entries.
    1. Click > View Parameters on a service log entry to view more details in JSON format.
    2. Click > View Extra Information to view the previous value of the setting or field before the change.

      Note: For changes to switches on the Settings pages, if the switch setting has never been previously changed from the default position, the previous value is blank in the pop-up. If the switch has been previously enabled or disabled, the previous value is displayed.

  4. Use the case sensitive search box to find specific entries, if required.
  5. To use filters, click . The logs can be filtered by Date, User and Type. Select the chosen filters to display the corresponding entries in the Service Log.

    Tip: If the amount of users in a filter reaches the display limit, a + button appears allowing you to search and add additional users.

  6. If required, click to export the service log into a file.
    • When the download is complete, an alert appears in the Notification Center . Click the alert to open the file.

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